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Milestones Grain Fabric Buildings - Flat Grain Storage


Our grain fabric storage buildings contribute to producing the highest quality grain.  Use Milestones fabric storage structures for remarkable covered protection. MBD grain storage buildings cost approximately 50% less than the out dated vertical silos. Flat grain fabric buildings are safer. There is low risk for dust explosions, less dust, a lower risk of entrapment and lower operational and maintenance costs when using a flat grain storage system from Milestones.


Milestones buildings will meet your grain storage requirements and specifications and provide the best building solution for your grain storage structures: including bulk commodities, i.e., DDG Dry Distiller's Grain, covered wheat, corn, soybean, feed and dust containment covers.  With our comprehensive knowledge of tension fabric structures, we know the grain buildings we supply are the strongest and are built with exceptional quality.


The traditional grain metal storage bins or vertical silos loading and unloading cost for grain is approximately 3$/bushel.  Storage systems using our grain buildings cost approximately 50% less or 1.5$/bushel. There is low risk for dust explosions, less dust and lower risk of entrapment in flat grain storage systems.  Our grain fabric buildings protect product from being weather damaged, spoiled and infested. Natural light eliminates mold, bacteria and condensation. Milestones grain fabric buildings reduce exposure to spoiled plant material and preserve nutritional value. The natural ventilation helps to remove dust, excess heat and moisture.  The exceptional height and clearance of our fabric grain storage buildings allow for easy equipment access and maneuvering within our grain structures.


Milestones grain fabric buildings are energy efficient, require little maintenance, and have low operational costs. They are highly versatile and offer multiple foundation options.  Our focus is to provide customers with the best value and we are committed to providing excellence in our fabric building products, designs and service.


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