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Compost Storage - Waste Buildings - Waste Management


Compost storage and waste management with less odor, Milestones Building and Designs' compost fabric buildings provide optimum decomposition. Our fabric compost buildings provide compost that is balance controlled, has abundant natural light and air flow. Our waste fabric covered buildings for waste management eliminate environmental concerns, reducing risk of contaminated runoff into ponds, streams and wetlands .


Milestones waste management and compost buildings provide covered, controlled compost storage, natural light, and natural air flow for optimal composting and waste decomposition. Our waste fabric covered buildings  are being utilized in the areas of managing solid waste, bio solids, odor control and storage, to producing organic mix for growing mushrooms. Compost structures are being used for tipping and curing compost separately along with active composting, and even methane capturing along with fabric covered storage. Waste management utilizing our compost fabric covered buildings and waste structures help avoid the extremes of sun, wind and rain that can adversely affect the balance of compost piles.  The free-span interior design of our compost fabric buildings ensure maximum useable space for configuring stock piles in the most efficient manner and increases equipment maneuverability.  The spreading of compost can be done agronomically, protecting the environment with less run off contamination and more odor control.


Our fabric covered buildings are an excellent waste management and environmental solution for waste and compost structures, tipping areas, compost curing, pile covers, composting facilities, covered manure pits, bio solid treatment buildings, refuse management storage, waste management buildings, waste processing and methane collection.  Reduce the risk of runoff that might affect water quality in nearby ponds, streams and wetlands; plus eliminate the practice of stockpiling by using our compost fabric covered buildings for composting, waste and waste management operations.  Confined animal feeding operations are turning to composting for nutrient management programs. Compost fabric covered buildings make the compost operations product very consistent and attractive to higher end markets.


Allow Milestones Building and Design to meet your compost storage and waste management requirements and specifications, and our compost buildings will provide you with the perfect solution. We are committed to providing the best fabric buildings, designs and service.  Our waste management and compost fabric buildings are cost effective, corrosion resistant, hot dip galvanized steel, are fully code compliant to IBC plus wind and snow loads specific to the site location, providing superior structural integrity.



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