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Oil and Gas Fabric Buildings - Oil Field Enclosures


Oil and gas fabric buildings from Milestones provide extreme protection; they are strong, tough and durable. Our fabric buildings make outstanding fabric covered field enclosures for frac and shale oil and gas drilling operations; excellent for sheltering areas used for processing, construction and protecting equipment.  They have many uses such as contractor's meetings, conference rooms, cafeterias, repair and maintenance shops, storage areas and warehouses. 


Milestones has the experience of working in refineries, is equipped with Transportation Worker Identification Credentials, and makes it easy to visit and assist any petroleum refinery's building project planning for oil and gas fabric buildings or oil field fabric buildings.


Milestones buildings will meet your oil and gas industry building requirements and specifications and we'll provide a fabric building that will withstand rugged use and oil field conditions for drilling rig enclosure systems, pump stations, pipeline surveying shelters, maintenance and repair shops, warehouses, grind and inject operations, above and below-ground pipeline enclosures, pigging enclosures, emergency response shelters, administration operations, meeting areas and conference rooms.


Our fabric covered buildings are ideal for petrochemical operations, refinery turnarounds or plant shutdowns. Time is crucial for the petroleum industry and Milestones fabric buildings are ideal with quick delivery, quick installation and quick occupancy.  Milestones fabric structures are turnaround buildings solutions for temporary warehouses, bunkers, cafeterias and shelter from harsh elements. 


An oil and gas fabric structure from Milestones is an excellent choice.  Our buildings are IBC code compliant, 300% more resistant to corrosion, condensation and leaks, have a heavier cover, a waterproof keder system; genuine built-in quality, extreme strength, high performance, longer lasting, a better return on investment and we provide world class pre and post sales service. We will ensure your oil and gas fabric buildings will meet and exceed all expectations and we will provide the best value for your fabric building application.



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