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Industrial Fabric Covered Buildings

Mining Structure

 Ideal fabric covered buildings for mining operations, storage, repair shops and warehouses with ample height for equipment.




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Mining Fabric Covered Buildings for Mining Sites and Quarry Operations



Mine fabric buildings from Milestones give mining sites ideal covered space for ore and mineral processing and storage, providing exceptional shelter and protection. Our mine fabric covered buildings are constructed to meet any mine site operation challenge; such as harsh, inclement weather and rugged, remote exploration terrain. Protect you, your equipment, ore, minerals and aggregates, warehouses and workshops with Milestones Mining Fabric Buildings.

Mine sites can be rugged and subject to harsh environmental elements in remote areas. Milestones structures give mining exploration sites the dependability and strength necessary to provide excellent covered refuge in tough environments. Our mining structures are made to meet the weather and location conditions, mining challenges and operational requirements of any mine site location.

Mining fabric covered buildings from Milestones adapt quickly to changes; are easy to expand or shorten and in addition, easy to relocate. Industrial mining buildings from Milestones are durable, versatile and capable of numerous mine site uses which include: Mining production enclosures, remote ore processing, exploration assessment operations, mining commodity storage, warehouses, equipment storage, maintenance structures, operational facilities, car or truck maintenance shops, fuel as well as lubrication facilities, equipment cleaning areas, aggregates storage, core sampling and environmental remediation set ups. Milestones fabric covered buildings have superior inside elevation and extraordinary clearance, no column supports to obstruct maneuvering mine equipment, such as loaders and pile drivers.

Our mining fabric covered buildings install within days, making them ideal for aggregate and coal mining projects and site locations can be adjusted at the last minute.  Our mining structures are easy to assemble, disassemble and are able to be moved rapidly between mine site locations.


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