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Indoor soccer field.

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 Sports Fabric Covered Buildings - Indoor Sports and Athletic Structures


Milestones sports fabric buildings give individuals and teams an athletic competitive edge by providing year round indoor sports training. Our sports fabric covered buildings help to improve athletic performance with unobstructed views and huge training areas which are ideal for indoor athletics. Get protection from wind and weather in MBD sports fabric covered buildings for tennis courts, recreation centers, hockey rinks, bike parks, skateboard parks, gyms, basketball courts, football practice fields, covered swimming pools, soccer fields, volley ball courts, virtually any sports facility.  Give your team the advantages of year round training in our sports fabric covered buildings.


Gain that competitive edge over your competition by training and practicing year round in an indoor sports, recreational, athletic complex from Milestones fabric buildings.  When it comes to sports and athletics, our sports fabric structures provide an atmosphere where training becomes easy and fun. Both team and individual sports athletes experience benefits from spacious indoor, year round practice and sports training, including more wins, more sports awards and trophies.


Milestones extraordinary Crossover fabric covered buildings have translucent roofs, allowing abundant natural light inside; customer chosen dimensions; width, height, variable leg heights, variable center heights, variable roof slope and have a spacious, unobstructed open floor space.  Our sports fabric covered buildings with rigid steel framework provide a cost effective alternative to traditional wood, conventional, or steel structures.  Milestones sports fabric buildings have built-in quality, unmatched strength and long lasting performance.


Milestones Building and Design helps you create the magic of a fantastic sports facility where training and competition are eagerly sought after, a place for your sports teams to practice, train and compete year 'round in an environmentally controlled, unobstructive space.  A Milestones building decision is an excellent choice for any successful sports complex project.


Fabric Covered Buildings Provide Unobstructed Space for All Types of  Sports:


Milestones can provide fabric buildings from 30' to 300' wide and wider and whatever length is wanted, perfect for any indoor athletic sports facility.  Your building can be built to your exact needs. The specifications you require will allow for building clearances to fit the activities that will take place inside. These  structures have spacious interiors and unhindered visibility, all spectators and players will have unobstructed views of the playing area. Fabric buildings have sound dampening capabilities which quiet the echoes that come from the cheering, excited crowds. Tension fabric buildings can be fully insulated and given a fabric interior to create an attractive atmosphere. Fabric buildings can also be engineered to handle additional loads such as air conditioning units, heating units, sprinklers, lights and viewing platforms, etc.

Tension structures offer a superb interior environment for your events. Your fabric recreational structure can be built to the exact width, height and sidewall clearances you want. The straight sidewall design allows  overhead doors and entrance/exit doors to be used in your building.  The straight wall design also makes it easy to use traditional finishing materials, i.e. brick, stone or steel with fabric for the roof. This type of building installs quickly and looks fantastic.  You'll be using it for your favorite sports in no time.


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