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Cost and Pricing of Fabric Covered Buildings from Milestones

When you request pricing or the cost of fabric covered buildings there are 7 key pieces of information that are required to provide you with a price that can be taken to your bank or financial institution.

cost pricing

Share the following 7 key pieces of information (in BOLD CAPS) with the person who is providing your fabric covered building quote / pricing.


Fabric covered building prices are quoted for the specific site location where the fabric covered building will be installed, per the International Building Code's chapter on Membrane Structures. Researching the building's site specific location, often requires contacting the local code officials for specific information.

Manufacturers are required to use proper design methods,  and appropriate materials in amounts relative to the demand of the fabric covered building's application and it's environment. The interpretation of local code officials may meet and/or exceed the IBC code, plus there are many adaptations of the code.


When providing pricing, there is no choice but to know the proposed use of the building. This too is a requirement of the International Building Code's chapter on Membrane Structures.


Design, shape and size have a direct impact on the cost per sq. ft. of fabric covered buildings.

Design Styles

The smaller fabric covered buildings, 20' to 70' wide, are typically more economically priced when using the arch or hoop design. However, due to the inherent shape of these buildings, the stacking of material on the outside edges of the interior of these fabric covered buildings is prohibitive because of the height restriction.

The higher or straight wall fabric covered buildings with peak roofs lend themselves better to industrial commodities, storage and warehousing of materials. Fabric covered buildings are more economical in the 75' to 300'+ wide range.

Maximum Useable Space Comparison

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It can take a couple of hours to provide a price for a fabric covered building when it is quoted properly and this cannot be done without knowing the specific size dimensions of the proposed building.


It also helps to know an approximate budget so that the pricing provider can quote a fabric covered building that falls within your price range the first time around rather than providing quote after quote because you are unsure of the size building you can afford.



Every fabric covered building has 4 sides. Every fabric building can be ordered with no end walls, 1 end wall or 2 end walls (fully enclosed). Every fabric covered building can be ordered with no walls, just a roof.

Just a roof


Be sure to tell the person providing your fabric covered building pricing how many doors you want on the building, the type of doors you want and where each door should be located. Typical doors are listed below.


Typical doors used in fabric covered buildings are man doors or walk-in doors, overhead doors, fabric roll-up doors, bi-folds, Mega-doors, bottom rolling doors, sliding doors and hydraulic doors. Most doors are located in the end walls, but they can be located on any wall of your fabric covered building. Overhead doors can have the radius turn into the structure or it can stay tight to the building wall.


These are the first steps in engineering a fabric covered building that will withstand the wind, rain and snow loads in the area it will be located, to ensure structural integrity and longevity.

Posting or publishing prices for fabric covered buildings or obtaining a quote over the phone should be considered questionable .


8.  Things you need to know prior to requesting a quote from Milestones: 


It is important to note that we consider your request for quote sincere.  We expect that you have done enough research to substantially know what you want in a fabric building before asking for pricing.  Milestones will work closely with you on your request for quote, making sure you understand the complexity of quoting fabric buildings and why we need to know the information for which we are asking.  It is common to ask for revisions on any one request for quote.  And we often submit 2 completely different quotes for a potential customer.  However, when it comes to a third completely different quote, Milestones may choose not to quote or charge a fee for another quote, especially if the potential customer just needs a third bid or is not actually sincere about becoming a Milestones customer.


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