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Crossover Fabric Covered Buildings Advantages


Crossover fabric covered buildings from MBD Buildings & Design have unobstructed widths to 300'W, strong rigid steel frames, build-to-suit dimensions and high side walls.  Crossover fabric buildings are superior alternatives to open web trusses, hoop structures and Cover-All structures, which use steel tubing. Crossover buildings use strong, solid rigid steel beams, unique to the industry. Steel tubing is much weaker than solid rigid steel, no matter how it is engineered. 


Our fabric covered buildings have superior strength, engineering, materials, craftsmanship and construction.


The Crossover Fabric Covered Buildings innovative design has been professionally engineered to include protection from harmful UV sun, wind, rain, hail and snow.


Our experienced team of craftsmen weld high-quality materials and rigid steel beams to form the strength producing infrastructure.


All completed steel components are coated with a primer or are hot-dip galvanized with a lead-free process and the corrosion resistant coating is application specific.


An engineered truss system is installed on the Crossover fabric covered buildings that eliminates friction.


Once the Crossover Fabric Covered Buildings framework is installed, it is fitted with a premium cover, a multi-layer configuration constructed for superior longevity.


An optional Keder Cover System is available where the cover is installed per individual bay sections versus a single span cover.  HL-13 Keder Covers are the most weather secure truss to cover connections available and will not rust or condensate.


Crossover Buildings are setting the industry standard for rigid, solid steel structures.  These are the original fabric buildings with a rigid steel structural frame. The strength of this building provides advantages that are not available with standard fabric buildings. One of the best advantages is build-to-suit dimensions.  The width, height, length, leg heights, inside center height and roof slope dimensions are the customer's choice along with application requirements. Another great advantage of Crossover Buildings is the ability to install eaves, dormers, gutters, standard windows and doors, wide side doors, insulation, and liners. Due to the strength of rigid steel beam frames, Crossover Buildings can be easily engineered for additional loading, i.e., conveyors, sprinklers, lighting, heaters, air conditioning and fans.  It is easier to permit a steel building that is covered with fabric rather than breaking ground with a structure that has not been through the permit process.


Crossover Fabric Covered Buildings from Milestones Building and Design are an exceptional choice for any industrial building project, i.e., aircraft, boat, auto, truck and equipment storage buildings; cattle, livestock and dairy barns; fertilizer, compost and waste management fabric covered buildings; hay, grain, soy and wheat storage; mining, oil and gas structures; recycling and sorting facilities; salt and sand storage buildings; athletic and sports arenas; warehouse and storage structures.  


Crossover buildings are multi use, quick to install and occupy, substantial, and an economical building solution for manufacturing, warehousing, and mining fabric buildings including bulk storage and the commodity storage industries. Industrial and commercial businesses acknowledge the extraordinary advantages provided by the design of our structures, including their low cost, quick turnaround, green construction and sustainable design. 


Built strong to work effortlessly with less maintenance and operational costs; our structures are the strongest, engineered fabric structures in today's marketplace.  Crossover fabric buildings last for years, even with extensive exposure to harsh weather, rugged use and storage of caustic products. They are top performing fabric buildings that preserve product value and protect your investments.  Crossover Fabric Buildings have a low cost of ownership.  Considering and choosing Crossover Fabric Buildings can make the difference for you to ensure a successful project. At Milestones Building and Design, we focus on providing a great building at the best value for the intended fabric building's use.  Your best building solution choice is Crossover fabric buildings from Milestones Building and Design.


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