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Salt and sand storage structure

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Milestones Salt and Sand Fabric Buildings & Storage Sheds


Milestones salt and sand fabric buildings, storage sheds and salt and sand tension fabric structures enable road crews to rapidly deploy when road conditions turn dangerous due to snow and ice. Dramatically reduce response time, improve safety and lower the costs of public works projects by making one of our highly corrosive resistant tension fabric structures one of your tools of choice for road safety.  Salt is so very important when harsh weather hits the roads we travel; proper storehouse buildings must be provided to protect salt from the elements and to protect the environment.


When the Advantage Structures or Crossover Structures are used for salt storage, loss due precipitation, lumps and heavy crusting are eliminated. Milestones structures allow greater salt and sand stockpile capabilities. Equipment can easily enter and exit our fabric buildings.  The free-span interior design ensures maximum useable space for salt and sand storage and equipment plus increases equipment maneuverability. Our fabric buildings protect the environment;  groundwater and wetlands against contamination from unnecessary material runoff and reduce your liability. Milestones tension fabric structures are energy efficient; environmentally safe; and these salt and sand fabric buildings can be relocated.


Milestones Continues to Deliver Unmatched Advantages with Advantage Buildings and Crossover Buildings:

  • Rapid deployment:  Milestones tension fabric structures protect equipment from the elements, ensure equipment is ready when needed

  • Milestones salt storage buildings ensure maximum useable space for salt and equipment storage

  • Our fabric structures increase equipment maneuverability - loading / unloading and entering / exiting facility

  • Our tension structures can be re-located for strategic salt, sand roadside positioning

  • Lower operating costs:  Off-season storage of de-icing equipment; abundant natural light cuts down on   moisture; provides unobstructed views with no shadows allowing excellent visibility without artificial lighting; reduced maintenance costs with corrosion resistant steel, no painting of the cover. Milestones fabric buildings, the best value for your investment with our salt and sand fabric buildings.

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