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Public Works Structure


Public Works Tension Fabric Structures

Also See Salt and Sand Fabric Buildings


MBD public works tension fabric structures are quick to deploy, quick to install and are relocatable; our fabric buildings make exceptional salt and sand sheds, salt storage fabric buildings, water treatment structures, remediation, environmental and reclamation structures.  Milestones buildings are manufactured with the best corrosion resistant design in the fabric buildings industry (3.9 mils of lead-free zinc is applied after the welding and fabrication process is complete).


Consider MBD Buildings for public works building projects; low cost and low maintenance, time from order to occupancy is fast, our tension fabric structures have the best corrosion resistant design, are strong, durable and exceed all public works requirements. We will provide a practical, quality building for local, municipal or government projects. For positive results, a solid return on the investment made for tension fabric structures, partner with Milestones Building and Design. 


MBD Buildings will provide better tension fabric structures for any public works building project, vehicle parking facilities, remediation covers, environmental shelters, soil reclamation structures, soil remediation structures, sewage covers, waste processing, sorting facilities, mixing facilities, wastewater treatment, storage covers, abatement shelters, odor control shelters and salt and sand storage buildings. 


Milestones is committed to supplying tension fabric structures that are code compliant and cost effective with very low energy costs and little to no maintenance costs.  Milestones technical personnel's focus is to provide customers with the best value for their fabric buildings.  We employ professional construction crews familiar with this type of construction and are experienced at overcoming its unique challenges.


There is more information on our fabric buildings, designs and products, building features, and building profile drawings that you may want to consider.  Check it out through the following link: 



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