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New York State Department of Transportation

Fabric Covered Buildings Used for Salt Storage in New York State

Milestones Building & Design Salt and Sand Buildings 7 - Fabric Covered Structures

NY DOT chose over 150 fabric buildings to help

manage their salt storage and road maintenance program.


Location: New York, USA
Building Size: 50' wide x 90'
Application: Salt Storage Fabric Covered Buildings

When two wood salt storage buildings collapsed within months of each other in February 2003, the New York State Department of Transportation (NY DOT) hired an independent engineering company to examine the remaining 146 salt storage buildings across the state to ensure there were no more building failures. The report concluded 70 more buildings suffered from major structural inefficiencies and a building solution was needed fast.

The repair cost estimates ranged from $20,000 to $180,000 per building and it was determined anything over $75,000 to repair needed to be replaced. A resident engineer in neighboring Allegany County constructed a tension fabric structure for salt storage in 2001 and was very impressed with it. He highly recommended fabric buildings for salt storage state-wide, and that proved to be the answer.

Fabric covered buildings were an immediate solution and all 72 buildings were installed in just four months. The tension fabric structures were delivered and fully installed each building 90 days after NY DOT placed a building order.

According to the NY DOT, machine operators like the fabric buildings because the clearspan space and wide entranceways make accessing the salt much easier. In 2004, the NY DOT ordered another 20 buildings which were replaced by fabric buildings. To date, NY DOT along with several towns in the state have over 150 tension fabric structures that are used for salt storage.

Tension fabric structures are easier to maintain than conventional buildings. If damage occurs on a particular section of a fabric building, the section can easily be replaced. Unlike NY DOT's other buildings, fabric buildings don't require specialized personnel to monitor and repair the buildings.

Milestones Building & Design Salt and Sand Buildings 10 - Fabric Covered Structures

Fabric covered buildings are easier to maintain

than conventional buildings.


Milestones Building & Design Salt and Sand Buildings 8 - Fabric Covered Structures

These fabric buildings are used to store salt range in

size from 50' to 60' wide and 90' long.


Milestones Building & Design Salt and Sand Buildings 9 - Fabric Covered Structures

The average time for a crew of four to install a

60' wide x 90'  long building is just seven working days.


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