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Information Directly from the Salt Institute Regarding Salt Storage:


"Proper Salt Storage -

Handling and storage of road salt is simple, but sometimes agencies have a difficult time getting funding for proper salt storage facilities because the public and their elected representatives don't appreciate the importance of proper salt storage.  Salt can be lost to precipitation. Storage piles, whether large or small, should never be left exposed to rain or snow.  A permanent under-roof storage facility is best for protecting salt.  These two rules: under cover and on a pad, will prevent environmental problems from salt-laden runoff."


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Milestones can contribute to your proper salt storage project by providing a tension fabric structure, fabric structures with spacious interiors and no support posts.


From the Salt Storage Handbook:


"Good storage facilities with adequate capacity can go a long way toward guaranteeing sufficient salt when it is needed to maintain a high level of winter maintenance for the safety and mobility of motorists and the unimpeded movement of goods and services. Because salt is so vital, proper storage must be provided to protect it from the elements and to protect the environment.  Good storage becomes even better with proper housekeeping around storage areas."


S.A.L.T.E.D. Checklist





Equipment operators have good visibility in all directions.

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Milestones' tension fabric buildings with unobstructed views with no shadows allow operators excellent visibility while working inside the salt storage building.  No echoes to confuse or disrupt work flow.



Access roads do not open directly into heavily traveled routes.


Signs are posted to warn motorist that trucks enter and leave the area.


Culvert headers, guard rails and other obstructions in storage area are marked so they can be avoided when covered with snow.


Outside areas are adequately lighted.


Lights are available inside storage buildings.

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Indoor lighting systems install easily on tension fabric building framework.


Storage yards are free of junk and other debris.


All mechanical parts of storage facility, such as hinges, slides, conveyors, are in safe working condition.


All mechanical equipment is in safe working condition.





Spreader trucks can easily enter and leave storage sites, even during periods of low visibility.


Storage areas are large enough for front-end loaders and trucks to maneuver.


Building doors and other openings are large enough to permit loading & unloading.


There are no low and weak spots in storage yard.


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With appropriate planning you are able to install any type of door(s) in our tension fabric structures, providing easy access and exit for equipment and delivery.  Variable height sidewalls allow for the height needed for equipment that will travel into and out of the salt storage building. Big enough for front-end loaders, room for a 20-foot extension.  Or, the fabric building can be left open ended. 





All storage areas are on state or municipal property or on space for which there is a definite lease rental or use agreement.


All storage sites comply with local zoning ordinances and applicable building, environmental, discharge and sanitation codes.

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All tension fabric covered buildings from Milestones Building and Design are fully code compliant to the current IBC Building Code, including compliance to wind and snow loads specific to your fabric buildings location, providing superior structural integrity.  Engineered stamped drawings accompany all fabric covered buildings requiring a permit.





Storage yard is well maintained and clean.


Junk or scrap material is not piled around yards.


Storage sites are shielded from view of nearby roads or homes by plantings or fencing.


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Tension fabric structures are attractive; they have clean lines and a spacious area inside.  No posts to clean around, no nooks or crannies; they are easy to maintain, you'll never need to paint a fabric covered structure!





Storage is covered to prevent loss of material.


Sites are strategically located to avoid deadheading to reload.


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Milestones tension fabric structures provide a permanent under-roof salt storage facility, preventing less salt loss; allow greater storage capabilities.  These fabric buildings are energy efficient; environmentally safe; and can be moved to a different location.  Lower in cost per square foot than conventional buildings, fabric buildings offer the best value for your investment.





Storage pads are on sites with proper drainage.


Storage runoff is properly contained, collected and provisions made for use or disposal.


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Any type of drainage can be added or built within the fabric structure, if desired.
Retention curbs can be installed and there are ventilation options available.



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