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Capital District Salt Storage Building

Capital District Salt Builds Largest Fabric Covered Building Salt Storage

Milestones Building & Design Fabric Covered Public Works Buildings 8 - Salt Storage

The 150' W x 555' L x 72' H clear-span area provides a tremendous work environment.


Location: Albany, New York
Building Size:
150' W x 555' L Fabric Covered Building
Salt Storage Building


When Capital District Salt and Cargill needed to purchase a structure to cover their salt stockpiles at Cargill's 200,000 ton Port of Albany regional distribution center in Albany, NY, a tension fabric structure with steel trusses was the ideal choice.

Originally contracted to haul salt from Cargill's salt mine in Lansing, NY to the Port of Albany, Capital District Salt now manages the daily operation of the distribution center. "Cargill needs stockpiles to relieve truck traffic and pressure at the mine. These huge piles let us deliver salt to Cargill's customers quickly," says Vincent Logan, Capital District Vice President.

Giant tarps were once used to cover the 50 foot high pile from the weather but the tarps proved to be cumbersome and not always completely effective. Cargill and Capital District decided to explore other storage options. After extensive research, they decided to build a fabric covered structure to house a 100,000 ton stockpile.

Measuring 150' wide x 555' long, this is one of the largest fabric covered buildings in the world. This tension fabric structure offers distinct advantages for salt and sand storage over other buildings. The clear-span environment, corrosive resistant materials, and quality engineering make this the perfect building for this application. It is a strong, environmentally secure way to protect salt from the elements.

Once site preparation and foundation piles were complete, an installation crew of ten arrived to install the tension fabric structure.  Vincent Logan stood amazed, shaking his head; "I have never seen guys work like this in my life. They barely talk to each other. They don't have to; they each know their jobs. And they don't stop! Its not that they're rude, they're just busy working."

Capital District Salt's tension fabric building carries a design load of 55 pounds per square foot and will withstand 60 mile per hour winds. The fabric building is designed with a one day snow-shed.

The center purlin at the ridge is lower than the top edge of the truss. It serves as a divider bar. The weight of the snow presses downward across the purlin, creating a break in the snow. The snow simply slides off.

From preliminary site work to move in was a mere 12 weeks. "We couldn't be happier. Each of the contractors came in, did their job and they did it on time," said Logan.


Milestones Building & Design Fabric Covered Public Works Buildings 5 - Salt Storage

The 83,250 sq. ft. salt storage facility took only 12 weeks to construct.


Milestones Building & Design Fabric Covered Public Works Buildings 6 - Salt Storage

Only 2 days were required to erect

the steel frame.


Milestones Building & Design Fabric Covered Public Works Buildings 7 - Salt Storage

This fabric salt storage facility is able to house a 100,000 ton stockpile of salt.


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