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Industrial Fabric Covered Buildings

Building within a building. fabric being pulled onto the buildings within a building Cover work on the containment area (building) for Boeing

"The overall process from ordering to removal of the building was extremely timely. 

Jon Larscheid, P.E., Major Projects & Construction Management, Boeing




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Boeing Containment Room


Tension Fabric Structure|Fabric Building Used as Containment Room Inside Another Building at Boeing.


Location:    Seattle, WA, USA

Fabric Covered Building Size:  72' wide x 72' long

Application:  Fabric Structure Containment Room Project


MBD Provides Industrial Fabric Covered Building Solution for Boeing

MBD Buildings solution for Boeing aviation, a fabric covered building to be used as a clean room; to control air flow and air quality which are critical aircraft production factors.


Boeing is the world's leading aerospace company and the largest manufacturer of commercial jetliners and military aircraft combined. In terms of sales, Boeing is the largest U.S. exporter. The company, with a 70-year heritage of leadership in commercial aviation, has nearly 12,000 commercial jetliners in service worldwide, which is roughly 75 percent of the world fleet. In the fall of 2005, Boeing needed to install a new piece of equipment inside one of their production buildings. Like many companies, Boeing has a need to control air flow and air quality since dust is a critical factor when working with composite material.

Working with Milestones Building & Design, Boeing developed an excellent solution, using a 72' wide x 72' long (21.9m x 21.9m) fabric structure. "We chose a fabric covered building because of the clearspan space that is available while optimizing the overall floor space,"¯ says Jon Larscheid, P.E., Major Projects & Construction Management, Boeing. The timelines for this project were very tight. Once the fabric building was ordered, it was delivered in 43 days and installed during the one week shutdown over Christmas holidays, to eliminate any lost work hours in production. "The construction was very smooth, methodical and well constructed in a very short time period," says Larscheid. "The fabric building performed extremely well for its intended function."

The timelines that had to be met were very strict and required that the fabric structure to be installed in the week-long shutdown that takes place over Christmas to eliminate any lost manufacturing time. "The construction was very smooth, methodical and well-constructed in a short period of time,"¯ said Jon Larscheid P.E., Major Projects & Construction Management.  The fabric building went up in a week and had to be taken down later over a single weekend in June.  The install crews were required to use machinery and tools that would not contaminate the work space and had to work long hours in order to meet Boeing's timelines.  "They went well out of their way to insure our aggressive schedule was maintained.  They were very professional and worked beyond "normal" work hours to insure the install and removal was complete and to our satisfaction,"¯ says Larscheid.  The building performed flawlessly and Boeing is sure that it will utilize fabric covered buildings in the future.  "The fabric building structure portion turned out to be the least of our worries in a very tight, schedule-driven project.  We wish we could rely on all of our products and vendors to work this well."¯ says Larscheid.  This sentiment echoes the voice of all of our customers, and shows why fabric covered buildings continue to be an industry leader.

Tension Fabric Structure|Fabric Building Used as Containment Room Inside Another Building at Boeing.

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