Examples of temporary Structures


Temporary and Portable Fabric Covered Buildings:


Aircraft, Plane, Helicopter Fabric Buildings and Hangars: 

Maintenance hangars, repair hangars, aircraft shade structures, air cargo facilities, terminal buildings, airport garage, airport repair facility, portable hangars, tension fabric hangars, temporary airport support structures, aircraft shade shelters, portable hangars, sun shades, maintenance repair hangars for aircraft and helicopters


Storage for Cars, Trucks and Equipment: 

Auto repair buildings, truck storage buildings, truck maintenance buildings, golf carts buildings, farm equipment buildings, equipment repair areas, and vehicle showrooms.


Marine and Boat Storage Structures:

Boat shelters, ship repair areas, ship dry docks, personal boat dock shelters, boat sun shelters, boat house weather protection, boat retail showrooms, marina storage, marina facilities, shipyard commodity storage, drayage covers.


Compost Storage and Waste Management Structures

Compost buildings, compost pile covers, composting facilities, covered manure pit, fertilizer storage, fertilizer processing, recycling buildings, bio solid treatment buildings, refuse management storage, waste management facilities, material process facilities, recycle operations building, recycling transfer stations, waste processing


Hay Storage and Grain Storage Structures: 

Grain buildings, port buildings, bulk storage, hay storage, wheat storage, and feed storage


Industrial Structures:  

Bulk storage buildings, port buildings, commodity storage, aircraft manufacturing buildings, automotive manufacturing, railcar repairs facilities, railway car storage, job site warehouse, job site maintenance shop, and equipment storage.


Mining Structures:

Mining production enclosures, remote ore processing, exploration testing operations, mining commodity storage, equipment storage, maintenance buildings, operations facilities, maintenance shops, fuel and lubrication facilities, equipment washing areas and aggregates storage


Oil and Gas Temporary Structures: 

Drilling rig enclosure systems, pump stations, pipeline survey facilities, warehouses, grind and inject operations, above and below-ground pipeline enclosures, pigging enclosures, emergency response shelters, and administration operations


Public Works Temporary Building Structures: 

Vehicle parking facilities, remediation covers, environmental shelters, soil reclamation structures, soil remediation buildings, sewage covers, waste processing, waste water treatment, storage covers, salt and sand storage buildings.


Temporary Fabric Buildings for Salt Storage - Salt and Sand Sheds: 

Salt sheds, sand sheds, salt storage, sand buildings, public works buildings, salt and sand storage buildings.  Milestones Building and Design's temporary fabric buildings will easily meet your requirements and specifications. We'll provide the perfect building solution for your temporary project. We have a couple of customer testimonials listed on 2 other tabs from Boeing and the Foster City Fire Department who purchased temporary tension fabric structures. Our products make perfect temporary fabric buildings, they are also portable (can be relocated to another location).  Milestones Temporary Fabric Buildings are an amazing building solution.


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