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Upper Similkameen Mushroom Compost


Fabric Covered Buildings Ideal for Composting

Upper Similkameen

4-foot high by 12-inch wide concrete containment walls provide extra clearance to allow the windrow turner to work close to the walls.


Location: Princeton, BC
Building Size: 80' W x 300' L Fabric Covered Building
Application: Commercial Mushroom Composting


When a BC mushroom grower continually ran into problems getting quality compost to grow their mushrooms, they decided to turn the problem into a business venture. The Bloome family in Princeton, BC is the owners and operators of Upper Similkameen Mushroom Composting (USMC) and had been growing mushrooms for over 50 years when they decided to switch gears and become a mushroom compost supplier.

Like any new business, finding the right equipment to start-up the operation was a top priority. USMC selected an 80' wide x 300' long fabric covered building to cover the windrow piles and produce a consistent quality product.

"The compost fabric covered building is ideal for composting," says Bloome. "The corrosive ammonia gases do not affect the fabric cover. We never considered an all steel building because we heard about too many problems. Even with extensive ventilation, the ammonia gas hangs in the building and it is completely corroded within a few years. The compost fabric building will provide us decades of use with minimal maintenance and the clear-span area is perfect for our windrow piles."

The compost fabric covered building was installed in just 11 days over existing compost piles. The fabric building's foundation is a 4-foot high by 12-inch wide concrete containment wall for extra clearance to allow the windrow turner to work close to the walls. There are no end walls and a center ridge vent runs along the entire ceiling to exhaust compost steam.

The result of composting under a fabric covered building is 1,500 yards of quality mushroom compost a week supplied to 10 large mushroom growers. "We have no problems with ventilation; steam clears out of the compost fabric building very well. The amount of natural light we have in this building is tremendous. We have no need for artificial lighting," says Bloome.


Mushroom Composting Inside Open Ended Fabric Building - Milestones 360-366-3077

The cover will never rust, even under the harshest conditions.


Mushroom Compost Fabric Building- Milestones 360-366-3077

Open ends and a center ridge running along the ceiling aid in the exhaust of compost steam.



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