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Brussels Compost - Waste Management

Odorless Fabric Covered Buildings for Composting - Waste Management

Brussels Compost - Waste Management

Fabric buildings are installed faster than conventional buildings.  This fabric building was erected in 16 days.


Location: Vorst, Belgium
Application: Fabric Covered Buildings Indoor Odorless Composting

Building Size: 90' wide x 120' long


Located in the small city of Vorst, which is part of the greater Brussels area. Brussels Compost was faced with the problem of being surrounded by residential areas. The outside composting process produced quite an odor, and as a result of the complaints from the surrounding neighborhood, renewal of their operating permit was uncertain. Relocation was not an option so Brussels Compost decided to bring the composting process indoors.

For quite some time Brussels Compost, jointly owned by the City of Brussels and Essen Milieu, had worked on developing a concept for indoor composting which would eliminate any odors leaking to the outside. If successful, this would eliminate their problem on the site in Vorst, and would also allow them to integrate odorless composting when assuming operational waste management assignments in other municipalities.

Important criteria when choosing a building was the resistance of the materials used against the harsh environment of composting. The fabric covered buildings concept met all requirements. The special fabric covered steel structure, with its additional coatings ensured the highest possible protection against corrosion. The special polyethylene fabric, provided for a unique, non­corrosive enclosure, with a high degree of light transfer. The high interior temperature of the compositing materials and the aggressive elements in the developing "smoke" have little effect on the life expectancy of the fabric buildings materials.

In the initial phase of this waste management operation, a fabric building was chosen with dimensions of 90' wide x 120' long. A concrete ring was established for the fabric buildings foundation.  Special provisions were made inside for the inlet and outlet of air. The extracted air is being led through a bio-filter, located next to the building. A large overhead door of 16' wide x 24.6' long allows for the passage of a shovel so that it can easily enter and exit the building.

The fabric buildings install took only 16 days to complete. Following the completion of the building, additional proprietary equipment was installed for the composting process after which the building was taken into operation.


Custom Application for Air Intake

Fabric buildings are easily customized. 

Special provisions were made for this buildings inlet and outlet of air.


Overhead door

A large overhead door was installed in the fabric buildings end. 

It allows for the passage of a shovel.


Outside Brussels Compost - Waste Management Structure

"The quality of this fabric buildings compost  is very good

and exceeds our expectations," says Robinec.


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