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 Stonebridge Golf and Country Club

Fabric Covered Building Attracts Attention of Golf Professionals

Stonebridge 2


Location: Ottawa. ON

Application:  Maintenance Shop, Offices. and Equipment Storage

Fabric Covered Building Size:  62' wide  x 150' long  (18.8m x 45.7m)

In 2001, Stonebridge Golf and Country Club was officially opened as part of a community development. The club is an excellent complement to the residential community in the nation's capital of Ottawa, Ontario. "When the course opened, we were looking for a temporary maintenance facility. We were looking for a fabric structure that would serve as a temporary facility and encompass all of our equipment, shop operations, and offices," says Dave Dickinson, Superintendent.

The 62' wide x 150' long (18.8m x 45.7m) fabric covered building at the Stonebridge Golf and Country Club is now utilized for all of these applications. "The front 50 feet has been finished with a service shop, a large staff room with washrooms and an emergency shower room," says Dickinson. "We have offices for three staff, as well as a grinding room. The back 100 feet is being used for equipment storage for all of our equipment. Our building has worked out extremely well for us." Available in widths from 18' to 160' (5.4m to 48.7m), the clear-span space of the fabric building allows maximum free floor space for equipment and operations.

The Canadian climate presents the challenges of chilling temperatures in the depths of winter, as well as unbearable heat in the summer sun. The temperature moderation in a fabric covered building helps to counteract these extremes.

"We get a lot of snow here, as well as freezing rain, and the building has held up extremely well," says Dickinson. "In the winter time when it's -35°C (-31°F), we're protected from the elements, so it's not nearly as cold inside as it is outside. When we get warm days reaching 45°C (113°F), you get a nice flow of air through the building.

Engineered for temporary or permanent use, fabric buildings can be expanded or relocated with relative ease and provide an aesthetically pleasing design that fits in with the surrounding environment and course architecture. "We chose the colors of tan and green mainly because it is a fairly large structure and we didn't want it to stick out within the housing community," says Dickinson.

The fabric building at Stonebridge Golf and Country Club has attracted interest of the community and golf professionals in the area. "There's been a lot of interest by other golf courses wanting to know what we had done here with the fabric structure," states Dickinson. "We've had several other superintendents come by, as well as general managers and golf course owners to look at our facility. They find the size of the building pretty awe-inspiring and when we take them through the building, they are thoroughly impressed with the structure itself, as well as what we've been able to do with finishing."

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