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Car, Truck, Auto, Vehicle Fabric Covered Buildings Dealership / Showroom

Fabric Covered Buildings - Part of Rudig Jensen's Successful  Dealership


Dealership Showroom

The lettering atop the building acts like a large billboard

for drivers on the nearby interstate.


Location: Lisbon, WI

Fabric Covered Buildings Application: Car, Truck, Auto, Vehicle Dealership / Showrooms

Building Size:  120' W X 220' L


The merging of the Ford and Chrysler dealerships in Lisbon, WI allowed the car, truck, auto, vehicle dealerships to strengthen and grow. The new merger also meant a new location along Interstate 94 with the opportunity to build new car, truck, auto, vehicle sales facilities, including its fabric buildings showroom.  Located 200 miles from Minneapolis and 200 miles from Chicago, the car, truck, auto, vehicle fabric building is a landmark in the area. "The fabric buildings showroom has been a very successful part of this venture so far," says Mark Rudig, owner and dealer principal. "This is a showroom people recognize. Everyone has seen car dealerships but very few actually have a car, truck, auto, vehicle showroom facility like our tension fabric buildings." The lettering atop the building also acts like a large billboard for all driving on the nearby interstate.

This 120' x 220' fabric building has provided a number of advantages to the car, truck, auto, vehicle dealership in addition to the recognition it gives to the business. The main advantage is the protection it offers for the inventory of car, truck, auto, and vehicles used in the showroom. "One of the big concerns in our business is hail," says Rudig. "In the last 5 years I was hit with hail twice and it's devastating a car, or truck. All the insurance companies went to very high deductibles. When we moved into our new fabric buildings showroom, we actually had a decrease in our insurance rates. I'm no longer so concerned about that hail storm coming through because I have so many vehicles under cover; a wonderful asset." The 24,000 square foot tension fabric building can hold approximately 150 to 180 vehicles  at one time.  The ten 14 foot doors across the front provided the dealership with the flexibility they needed.

Dealership Showroom 2

"The benefits have just been tremendous.  It's like a rock, it doesn't move."

In addition to hail, the fabric buildings also provide everyday weather protection. "In our business it's pretty expensive to detail, to clean up a car, truck, auto, and vehicle . As soon as it snows or rains, it's dusty and needs to be re-cleaned," says Rudig. With the fabric buildings, the cars and vehicles are put inside to maintain their show appeal once they have been cleaned. The weather also affects the potential customers that visit the lot as cool temperatures and an abundance of snow contribute to a customer's decision to visit frequently and take the time to learn about the cars, trucks and vehicles. "The customers truly enjoy shopping in our naturally-lit fabric building car, truck, auto, and vehicle  showroom as opposed to having them sit on the lot and deal with the Wisconsin weather," says Rudig.

"The benefits have just been tremendous," shares Rudig. "It does everything that they said it would do. We've had the hail, we've had the snow storms, we've had the high winds. It's like a rock, it doesn't move. Fabric buildings are a great, great product and I recommend getting one. It's served our car, truck, auto, and vehicle dealership business very well." Instead of putting the car, truck, auto, vehicle facility on a 4-foot cement wall, fabric buildings have a ground mount installation so the dealership can drive cars out the front and side and also serve the people that want to browse a car, truck or vehicle or vehicles at their leisure.

Dealership Showroom 3 

Fabric buildings as showrooms - a great product and

I recommend getting one," says Rudig.


The car, truck, auto, vehicle dealership has also enjoyed the versatility to host community events and promotions. "It has sort of turned into a community center," says Rudig. "It's kind of a landmark. You see it and you won't forget it." From vehicle protection and shopping convenience to advertising and serving the community, this fabric building has been a great asset to Rudig Jensen Automotive!



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